Sunday, October 30, 2011

Days full of Spirit!

As fall continues to fly by, the pep rallies keep on coming! We have one EVERY.SINGLE Friday, and I love it!! This week was special because Middle School got to have their OWN pep rally! We've had 80's and Pink Out this week!

It was such a sweet pep rally!! So much spirit but also so many neat moments remembering those who are fighting or have fought the battle of cancer.  We had memory posters where you could write the name of a family member or friend and a special time of prayer to cover those hurting now.

Praying for Chelsa and Haleigh

Praying for Chelsa and Haleigh

Praying for sweet Washburn family

Ms. Harris did an awesome job speaking about her journey!

I am so thankful that we go to a school where you can praise God in the middle of a pep rally!! It was a packed house again because middle school and elementary school got to come and it is just always so much better when they do!

And it was a little chilly at the game but that's how I like it!!!

The Middle School chose 80's as their theme and it was SO CUTE! They did an AMAZING job!!
I mean I think they are just AWESOME! This is the 7th and 8th grade girls combined.

We "surprised" the coaches with a thriller dance off competition!!

Coach Miller

Coach Friday

Coach A

Bailey and Meredith

Chan Chan doing her back tuck

8th grade

7th grade

I wish I could say they fell on purpose but unfortunately it was real:)

Grami and Rhett! (and Channing was there too!!)

I thought this pac man wall was so creative!! Love those cheer moms!!

Coach Atkinson!! I LOVE her and I'm so thankful she's my daughter's coach and MY fellow cheer coach!!!


Sweet Rhett and Allison!

So of course as usual there's about 100 pictures for you without a lot of comment:) But I just like putting all these up!