Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I got my room back!!!

I know some people are going stir-crazy with all this crazy winter weather (and normally I would be too!!) BUT I got my room back today! When we moved into this house, 2 years ago, Jeff was looking up from our breakfast area and had a WONDERFUL idea! This is what it looked like before....
The breakfast table in the kitchen- it went straight up to a 2nd floor ceiling
You could look down over the railing from the upstairs into the kitchen
He thought it would be a great idea to just add a floor above the table and make that my craft/scrapbook room! I couldn't have agreed more!!:) So in no time at all I had an amazing room to house all of my crafting supplies!
Decking the new floor!
Adding a wall (where the railing was) the other 3 walls and moldings were already there! Plus a sky-light for great natural light (and REALLY hot summers!:))
I met with the cabinet guy to have him make everything the right size! Showed him my 12X12 papers that I wanted lined up the wall, and my cricut cartridges in little cubbies- he did a great job!

It was wonderful! THEN, a few months ago he decided to move his office home for a while (while waiting on another office space to open up) And I'll have to say that I was a little nervous about this move! I have LOVED having him home during the days- sometimes I don't even see him but I just like knowing he's there. (and it's really great when he can run the kids to one of their MANY activities!!) BUT he completely took over the room- and I really have barely gone in there at all. The kids and I have done a few school projects in there but it was mostly on the floor because all his stuff was all over every other surface! Well today, he moved back into a new office space and the room is mine again!! It is so wonderful and it makes me want to be crafty again! I am LOVING this weather so I can re-organize every part of this room! So here is what it looks like now!!

And apparently a clean, organized room draws people in because I ran downstairs for ONE minute and this is what I found when I came back up.........
Can't resist a man in plaid pajama pants!:)
 I am seriously thinking about sleeping in here tonight because as clean as this room is the rest of the house is a DISASTER! Oh well- 3 more days off school ought to help me get something done! We've been out yesterday, today, and tomorrow for snow and then Friday and Monday were scheduled as a "family break"! So we won't be getting up and dressed for quite a while!!:)


  1. I had never seen the before pictures before and never could imagine it so now I see it! What a great idea jeff! I love your room and it is totally awesome! I need to come scrap sometime and chandler could watch abbey! Lol. I had no clue he took over for a bit with his office. Well so glad u have it back! Love it that it was the family room tonight!

  2. that room makes me drool and i don't even scrapbook.....i love your life, bert!

  3. ummm that was supposed to be a post from me, Lauren....oops for my roommate account being open