Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chandler's Tshirt design!

One of the (many) blogs I read is an amazing blog called Ordinary Hero. I just love all the wonderful things they do and it makes you realize that YOU can do it no matter how busy your life is. (she is a mother of SIX kids!) Anyway, she is having a contest for kids to design their next Ordinary Hero kids tshirts. So Chandler drew this up and we submitted it a few days ago.  They were supposed to use their Name or logo on the shirt, and 3 or less colors but otherwise they could do whatever they wanted. The voting is on Valentine's Day so be sure and visit the site and vote for her that day. (Just in case you're like me, I'll remind you again on the day!) Read several of her stories while you are on the site- it will inspire you to go live for HIM!!


  1. Funny story...I was reading OH's blog (love her!!) and scrolling down the post. I yelled out loud...."That's Chandler!!!" It was like she was famous! Loved seeing her on the blog! Love her heart for Africa!!

    (FYI--I saw her on OH before I read your post here) Such a fun surprise for me!

    P.S. Have you seen their Valentine Shirts? I told Murray that was my Valentine wish this year! Love those!!

  2. Please remind me and I will so vote for her!