Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011!

Halloween Picture Post! I love dressing up and usually find myself WAY more worried about what the kids will wear than they are! I just need to chill:) But I always want their costumes to be creative and sometimes it's just not gonna happen. I've come to terms with it. I mean until yesterday Chandler was going to be Bethany Hamilton- now that's fun! We had a surf board, bandages to tie up her arm to look like she'd been bitten by a shark and everything! But, alas, she did not want to be Bethany.:( The boys wanted to be Tony Romo, AGAIN. Can you say BOR- to the ING??? Well anyway, Patton had a last minute change too and they ended up all looking SO cute! but I really didn't think it was going to happen:) SO--
Chandler was an 80's roller skater (and it was one of my favorites of hers ever!)
Love the zipper earrings!
Patton was Elvis! His idea:) I asked him to tell me just ONE Elvis song...he couldn't. But he said "Thank you, thank you very much". So I counted that.

And Parker was Tony Romo. Not the most original or even great timing:) but man that little guy is cute:)

This was Rhett's first Halloween and she is just the cutest thing ever!
 She was a mermaid!! You can't see her whole costume here (SOMEONE else was taking the pictures:)) But she was adorable!

Bridge was so cute in his zebra costume! But Channing said when they got to their house to actually trick-or-treat he would NOT put on his zebra head!! Little stinker! But at least we got a few pics- that's what it's really all about!
 For some reason I don't have any individual pics of Emerson, Sadie, or Campbell:( But they were adorable as well! Kate Middleton, Jester, and some Star Wars character that I'm sure I'm supposed to know but can't think of right now! Sorry Camp! Grami and Chelsa were there too! (as themselves:))

Well another Halloween in the books!! We saw so many adults dressed up last night- it got me thinking- I should just totally dress up and then I wouldn't put so much pressure on the kids!! So maybe you'll see me next year in some really awesome totally creative costume!!

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  1. That was a fun night-love all the cousins together!