Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still longing for Rwanda! And missing those boys!

We are still missing those boys constantly and I hope that NEVER goes away! I heard about another opportunity to go back to Rwanda this summer and I just want to yell UM YES!!!!!! A THOUSAND TIMES-YES! I seriously sit there and try to think up ways to get back there MANY more times this year. Like- for real- not in 2 years, or even NEXT year. I want to go back today!  I'm praying God will let that happen!! Here are some more pictures that are just too precious! But kinda random and all over the place so there is really no catchy title to sum them all up!
This is a precious little girl named Sefa. She lived in this home (there were about 7-8 kids living there) She got SO excited every day when we came and gave her lollipops! She ended up being so precious to us because she ended up wherever we were! She showed up at the public school, the private school,  even Africa Transformation Network! Of course she had always walked alone to these places (and that scared me to death!) But she was always so happy and by the end she just wanted to sit in my lap, hold my hand, or play with Parker's hair!

This little boy was not part of the sports camp- but he showed up on the right day! He thought he was very sneaky (we were all just watching him and loving it!) He walked in with the kids when we had the piles of candy and silly bands!

Grabbing them up off the floor!

Lining the pockets!!:)

Kids in the school yard just looking on- so cute! Behind them are the 6 "toilets" for the 4,000+ kids at the school (and yes they were actually just holes in the ground)

I thought this Little boy was precious!

This is Danny- or Sponge Bob as I called him the first 3 days b/c he wore that shirt every day and was SO quiet!

Kids just helping out- this was on the prayer walk up in Mesanze Valley- and the next  pic

Patton and Jeanvier with one of their special hugs!

This woman and her baby were at the duka- little store where we got our cokes every day- this baby was adorable!

Kasey is an awesome artist! All the kids gathered to watch her

 Sweet Jenna Campbell

Caleb Campbell- or as Parker calls him "daddy Caleb"

Justin helping Jeanvier with his friendship bracelet!

Lorrie helping with crafts- she also did most of the leadership classes

Our group at the public school

These are some of my favorites because our kids were so funny that night- this is the new year's party (at the ATN house) It starts raining so all of the boys who LIVE on the STREET run for cover!!!! But Patton, Timothy, and Parker RUN for the rain!!!
All the street boys looking on like they were CRAZY! (and why not take our shirts off!!)

Parker- maybe just trying to fit in? He was sweeping the water off the porch

This is back at Sefa's house-- yes HOUSE--so sad and run down with SO many people living there- it was several buildings attached to each other. This was on our walk to the school-

Chanlder handing our suckers- they had this ditch thing around their house but invited us to cross to give the suckers

Prime example of the color pink in Africa- it means NOTHING:) this was a little boy in pink pants!


Jeanvier working on his crafts!

Patton and Timothy collecting their bottle caps!

She LOVED Parker's hair!:))

Just your typical walk to sports camp!

Park Man handing out suckers!

Jeanvier and Yves!! Oh I miss them!!
Lola Kimbrow- cutest little dancer!! she can move!!

Sweet little Tess Shelby! Adorable!

Our fearless leader Marcos- unless of course Chandler asks him to stunt with her!!:)

Parker's mode of transportation to and from the second session!

Yves and Brooke- making T-shirts (that Angie helped me get!! thank you!)

Actual swamp location where Felix hid for 4 months

Me and Chan shopping at the market!

Have one....and a smile:)

Mother Theresa orphanage- where the Jacob's baby will be!!!!

the gates to go inside

They would only let us take pictures of these signs

Awesome sign! closer up below..

Church service we attended- they brought a translator just for us. I love that the translator is just as into it as the preacher!They all hugged and welcomed us and were so glad we were there!

Yves worshiping

Patton writing in his journal at the guest house

Parker getting ready to go to church- he is actually clean!!

Chandler on the grounds of the guest house

Jill asked if Chandler wanted to carry Cy on her back- BEST day EVER!!! She loved it!

Holding Tess and Cy!

Saw this restaurant and immediately thought of The Hills! This is our church's vision name too!!!
Ok- longest, most pictures EVER, post in the world! But I don't want to forget anything!! Love to you all!!